Going to get the baby

From an old notebook:

Silas thinks it is funny to call us by our first names sometimes, especially to get our attention. The other day, he was looking for JC, and he said, “Daddy! JC! Sweeeetheeaaaart!”


Silas “helped” me install the baby seat in the car. Later, we drove to the gas station. He fell asleep on the way. As I was pulling out, he woke up and started throwing a total fit. It took me a few minutes to get that he was upset because the baby seat was empty. He thought we were going somewhere to GET the baby.

Silas sings “Tickle, tickle, little star.”

We always explain what JC does at work by saying that he is working with Uncle Myers. On Saturday, Silas walked to the door, waved at us, and said, “Bye bye. Going do some work. Going Uncle Myoos.”


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