Tricks and treats downtown

We took Silas trick-or-treating at Halloween on the Square today. He loved it, although he was very shy about saying “trick or treat.” I think he was a bit confused about all the people in costume (though he was very excited to meet both Minnie Mouse and Elmo). I hope we have better weather for it next year. It was cold and rainy this time, so we only went to a few places before we decided to give up and go home. We might go real trick-or-treating with some friends, if the weather is reasonable on Wednesday, but that’s looking increasingly unlikely.

Silas informed us that he wanted to be a “jaybird.” I was concerned that, with the baby and everything, I wouldn’t have time to make his wings. JC’s mom offered to do it, and we loved how they turned out. She used this tutorial.

Here’s a slideshow of the few pictures I got while in town today, and the pile I got on our “test flight” a couple of days ago.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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