Weekend Reading

I spent a lot of time reading the internet while nursing in the middle of the night. Here are some of the more interesting things I read this week.

Oliver Sacks on memory–always an interesting guy, and a subject I am quite interested in.

Hilary Mantel on royal bodies–starts with Kate Middleton and gets all the way to Henry VIII. It’s one of those articles that, at the beginning, I think, “Oh, this is very good,” and then it keeps getting better. And better.

An article from TIME on why health care is so expensive (the answer…it’s complicated, and also arbitrary). I heard that this was the longest article TIME has ever published, and I believe it…but it’s worth the effort. Warning: Angry-making.

Alexander Chee on a writing workshop he took with Annie Dillard. I’m so jealous of him, I can hardly think.


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