Weekend Reading

Sometimes I read these things at 2 am on my phone, mark them, and then get to re-read them when I’m actually awake and learn that they aren’t what I thought they were. Here are the ones that made the cut (being as good at 2 pm).

My dad and I were just talking about how many of the companies doing hydraulic fracturing in WV are hiring people and misclassifying them as “independent contractors.” Turns out the construction industry in Texas is doing the same thing.

I love this blog post calling for an honest discussion on midwifery, in particular the idea that “trust birth” is not a hundred percent solution. The writer points out that many people blame the mama if something doesn’t go quite as planned, and that’s not fair.

Lastly, who wouldn’t love a little advice from Tina Fey? (related–we just startedw watching the last season of 30 Rock. It is amazing)


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