Cookie Mathing

Today, when we were packing to go home from the beach, Robyn put two cookies in a bag. Silas saw her. “These are for later,” she said.

So a few hours later, he asked for a cookie, and we gave him one (he couldn’t see the bag at this point).

A few hours after that, he fell asleep and we split the other one.

And a few hours after that, he asked for another cookie. “We don’t have any more,” I told him.

“No, there’s one more!” he insisted.

We admitted to eating that last one.

I know it’s so simple — 2 – 1 = 1 , duh. But he’s not-quite-three, and this is the first evidence we have ever had of him doing subtraction. I’m impressed. I’m totally not surprised at his developing reading skills, because we’re book people. JC’s pretty good at math, but it’s not as central to our lives. I thought we’d have to put more effort into it than we have so far.

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