Silas says…

A whole collection from this past week, when JC’s been watching the kids a lot while I’ve been working.

Silas (running singing into the living room): “NPC! NPC! NPC!”
JC: “Are you an NPC now?”
Silas: “No, I’m a magician! Petra’s a NPC.”

Silas: “Some people who were not nice people hung me on a tree for seven days and I did not die…”
JC: “Really?! Can I call you Odin?”
Silas: “I have a lot of names, but you can call me Odin.”

JC reports: “The Star Wars puppets have traveled back to the ‘Giraffic time period’ (on a train with a giraffe).” Silas has been watching a lot of Dinosaur Train.


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