Dress Up


I’m a musician magician!


Silas has gotten really into dressing up. He has some of my old dress up things, plus some handmedowns from friends. He had some friends over the other day, and they spent almost the whole time changing clothes. I think the girls were disappointed that we don’t have any princess dresses, but they got over it. Silas has a few costume things that crack me up. For one, he insists that this fedora is a “musician” costume. I do not know why. He also likes to wear an old hat of mine and insists that he’s being me.


“Daddy, Mama says I’m getting in touch with my roots. What are my roots?”

I’m sure looking forward to the day when he can put these clothes on and off by himself.


One response to “Dress Up

  1. I get to see your posts via email since I follow your blog. Silas sure is a great cheap date, doesn’t seem to take much for him to be happy. Well done. I do like the fedora, like Alex said, his Neil Young look.

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