Burninating the Countryside

James says, "It's HOT. You DON'T TOUCH."

James says, “It’s HOT. You DON’T TOUCH.”

The past few times we’ve been over at Peter and Bethany’s, someone has built a fire, “for the children to play with.” They are well-supervised, but the fire does bring out their inner wild things.

It’s so companionable, to sit around the fire and listen to it snap. To swap babies around. To toss in a handful of leaves just to see the flames rise.

We live in a beautiful valley, and the gloaming is perfection.

Speaking of fire.

Bethany showed me this video for “Man on Fire” last winter, and I pull it up whenever I’m feeling kind of bummed. It is beautiful.

And, for those who didn’t recognize the title…


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