We don’t do much for Valentine’s Day around here. Never have, frankly. We made some simple construction paper hearts with the preschool kids, and that was the extent of my plan…

But then the actual day rolled around, and I had some sourdough starter to use…which sort of manifested itself into cinnamon rolls.


…with pink frosting and red sugar, of course.

Silas surprised us by remembering that it is his friend’s birthday. He thought maybe we were making the cinnamon rolls to take to the friend. He informed us that this friend is going to have a party “where the boys dress as pirates and the girls dress as fairies.” Not sure if this is actually the friend’s plan or Silas’ wishful thinking.



In any case, I hope my little Valentines feel loved, even if I didn’t go all Pinterest crazy on them. As Silas said, “Happy Valentine’s Day to all, and to all a good night!”




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