Weekend Reading

Here are some little things for you to read…

  • Remember when all those people died in a big sweatshop collapse in Bangladesh? Learn which companies are actually taking some action to fix that, and which are just talking the talk.
  • A warning to those who may take my class in the fall…here’s my new rubric. It’s fun to be a theater prof.
  • Everyone thinks I’m kind of nuts because I try to buy handmade stuff for myself and my kids as much as possible–even if it’s a lot more expensive. Here’s the best argument I’ve read so far for that lifestyle choice.
  • Interview with Emma Watson. Because I’m a total fangirl and can’t help myself. Also, it’s on Rookie, which is fantastic.
  • Authors dress up as their favorite characters. And it’s beautiful.
  • Lastly, here’s my favorite thing I’ve recently Upworthy-fied.

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