Petra Pix

Petra is such a sweet baby. I’m enjoying her so thoroughly. She’s growing up so very fast! I think even she is startled by it. She’s started insisting that she *is* a baby, and demanding that I do things that I’ve not done in about a year, like spoon feed her. The potty thing is hit-and-miss, in terms of whether she’ll do it like a big girl or insist on her diaper. She’s still not quite weaned, although she’s starting to respect some rules around it (not out of the house) and can be distracted sometimes with a game of “I Spy.” I think this insistence on being a baby is just a tiny regression before she makes the leap to full-on little girl.

She loves to talk, and can say more every day. Recent favorite words are “playground!” and “Hot! Coffee!” She surprises me by using “this” and “that” accurately. She’s clear about what she wants, but she’s someone we can reason with a bit (not bad for a toddler). She adores her big brother, and always wants to give him kisses and play whatever he’s playing.

I’m amazed how much she has learned from listening to Silas. She knows most colors and can count to ten with minimal prompting. We haven’t spent any time on this, but Silas is interested in those concepts, so she’s picked it up from him.

She’s fearless, and I find that admirable. Let’s all try to be fearless little mud puppies this week, okay? It looks like fun.


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