Father’s Day


Here’s a belated post about JC’s early Father’s Day present (because we’re nothing here if not temporally inconsistent/confusing). JC had been saying for a long time that he wanted to get a frame pack for carrying Silas. We have a hard time hiking with him, because he’s a bit too big to be comfortable in the Ergo, but he has…limited range.



So, when someone I knew from a long-gone job posted on Facebook that they had one they were hoping to unload, I jumped on it. It was a solid six weeks before Father’s Day, but I couldn’t wait to give it to him. JC and Silas are both pretty thrilled with it, safe to say. Silas grinned like this for the entire maiden voyage. Without stopping.



He calls it “the Silas carrier.”

Now the only trick is figuring out how to get him to use it for just the part of a hike where he’s exhausted, but we’re not. He wants to ride in it for the whole time, which is…sub optimal.


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