The Talk

Today on the way to school, Silas asked me how a mommy and a daddy have a baby. I told him, “Well, a mommy and daddy cuddle in a special way, and then, sometimes, a baby starts to grow in the mommy’s tummy. But not where the food goes–another place inside there.”

Silas said, “Yeah, but WHAT special way?”

So, I tried to be very…cool about it. And use the right, science-y terms that we’ve been teaching him. “The daddy puts his penis inside the mommy’s vagina.”

Silas is silent for a long time.

And then he says, “Uh…how does the daddy get a new penis after that?”

I’m still dying with barely suppressed giggles.


5 responses to “The Talk

  1. I’m reading this in the pump room at nicu, and I think I scared the mom in the next cube with my guffaws, but she cracked up too when I shared. 🙂 Thanks for sharing a smile today. 😀

  2. Though frequently these days there is no cuddle. We have a great kids’ book called “What Makes A Baby: A book for every kind of family and every kind of kid” by Cory Silverberg, which manages to pull off a universally applicable explanation amazingly well: some bodies have eggs, some do not; some bodies have sperm, some do not; some bodies have a uterus, some do not; and you need one of each. The sperm and egg do a special dance where they share all the stories about the bodies they came from… I’m still impressed with its finesse every time I read it.

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